News/News Letter

Dear Readers,

Happy (belated) New Year!

In 2019 the Woombye Community Library will be publishing a bi-monthly newsletter sharing with members bookish news, new releases and acquisitions as well as book reviews.

The newsletter will also provide information about how the library is evolving to meet the needs and interests of the community.

We would like to invite the community to submit book reviews from the Woombye Library for the newsletter. There is no need to be a literary aficionado: Just read the book and tell us what you think by emailing us at: We are so looking forward to starting this conversation!

Happy Reading,

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I borrowed this book from the community library in the month of Decemeber 2018.

The Night Circus offers readers a magical escape from reality. As a mum of young children, I devoured this book. I enjoyed how Morgenstern changed perspectives throughout the novel. Primarily switching between the central characters but also devoting time to lesser characters adding tension as one storyline was dropped (just at a pivotal moment, of course!) and another was introduced. I also liked how she employed second person narrative sporadically throughout the novel. It was a surprising touch and added to the overall engagement in the story. I read this book at such speed, enjoying the brief ‘holiday’ from my world of laundry and picking up toys, that some of the details of the twists and turns were lost on me. However, I didn’t mind so much as I was happy to be a punter on this journey. For me the Night Circus world was reminiscent of our beloved Woodford Folk festival, so much so that I even googled if Morgenstern had been inspired by a visit to the international event, apparently not, although she does credit various circus acts for inspiration. It was a beautiful world to visit and I was sad when it ended. I recommend The Night Circus if you enjoy the exploring the notion of universal magic, steam punk aesthetics and love.

The Library had a successful book sale on Saturday May 27th, raising about $1000 towards new books. Many thanks to all the volunteers for their efforts, the Woombye Scouts for a great sausage sizzle and the general public who supported us. Below is a picture of some of the patrons searching for the right book.

Each year the library recognises 2 scouts in appreciation of use of their fence for our sale signs. Pictured are Rod presenting the library certificates and gift vouchers to Tea and Cameron.


The library had a surprise donation this week from Luke McKee of McGrath Estate Agents in Buderim. Pictured below are Convenor Julie, Luke and Co-Convenor Frieda. We’re delighted with the windfall which will be used to fund more books.